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Translating CAD Content for Machine Tool Manufacturer

Feb - 2020

We often work with general arrangement drawings that can originate in various CAD packages. When presented with original CAD format, we use our own bespoke software to export and import content for translation with CAT tools. However, we often receive third-party OEM documentation as scanned PDFs that are non-editable. We undertook such a project for our client where the drawings were required for the manufacture of a new product line. Our brief was to create reformatted, translated drawings with greater resolution than the scanned source material. After transcribing the relevant content into an editable format, our linguists worked on dual screens to allow referencing to the original drawings for context during translation.

Once completed, our formatters edited the original scanned drawings in Adobe Illustrator to produce final target documents. By transcribing the source content, we were able to benefit from using translation software which in turn reduced the overall cost for the client as well as shortening the delivery time.  

Furthermore, this enabled bilingual review via our automated process, whilst also allowing us to capture the content for future deployment and offering the client savings on future projects.

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