Subtitling / Voiceovers

Accelerate your e-commerce with translations of multimedia content via subtitling and voiceover.

Subtitling / Voiceovers
Subtitling / Voiceovers

Our bespoke service can help your company achieve that growth.

Businesses are experiencing some of their fastest growth via e-commerce using multimedia content, making subtitling and video voiceover a key accelerator.

Our subtitling and voiceover service is suitable for a range of video types.

From animations to technical explainer videos and everything in between, we tailor the project to your specific needs.

Before starting any project, we work closely with the client to understand how they hope to communicate to their audience. This means taking care of the details: from font type, colour and positioning, to selection of the right voice talent to best project your message.

Subtitling and voiceover projects typically include:

  • Transcription
  • Timecoding
  • Translation
  • Subtitle creation or voiceover track recording
  • Burning of the subtitle or voiceover

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