Training & workshops

We establish cooperative relationships with our clients, supporting development of content creation via a range of workshops.

We believe that the more our clients understand about translation, the better.

We achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders as a result of direct engagement and cooperation.

Similarly, as the starting point of translation is your content and publications, we want to support the training and development of your content creators.

To foster this direct engagement, we offer training and workshop events on specific aspects of authoring, content creation and translation.

To support the development of our clients’ authoring and publications, we run the following courses and workshops.

Simplified Technical English

We run courses involving implementation of the ASD-STE100 standard for Simplified Technical English (STE). STE is a controlled form of English with restricted grammar and vocabulary. Its purpose is to reduce ambiguity and complexity so that non-native speakers of English may easily understand it, as well as aiding translation by providing clear, concise sentences.

Migration to XML

We work with a trusted external partner to migrate binary content such as Adobe FrameMaker into structured FrameMaker, which can then be exported to Valid XML.

Adobe Certified Training

We offer introductory InDesign and FrameMaker courses for complete beginners and novice users. We can also create and offer bespoke courses for existing users wishing to expand their knowledge and skills, or upgrade to the latest software versions.

Translation Workshops

A half or full day workshop for any content creator on how to optimise their publications for translation, and how to best engage with thewordhub when ordering translations.

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