Machine translation

Specialist software for automated translation of text or speech, with or without human post-editing.

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The rise of the machines

We use secure machine translation in scenarios where time is paramount and the quality of human translation unnecessary. Such translations are suitable for gisting information, or internal publication. We can advise you at the beginning of the project as to whether MT is appropriate for your needs.

Machine translation is evolving constantly and so we are continually upgrading and changing the choice of engine that we use.

We are working towards accreditation of the machine translation post-editing standard ISO 18587:2017.

Typically, we employ neural machine translation engines selected for your content type.

The Word Hub

We offer two service levels of machine translation:

Raw MT

The source content is translated with our secure translation engines and returned to you without any human review. This offers lightning fast turnaround with a compromise on quality. As a result, this service level is primarily for capturing only the gist of the information.

Post-edited MT

This service involves a professional human linguist as “post editor” of the machine translation output. Their job is to edit and fine-tune the machine translation output to the standard agreed at the start of the project. Post editing offers a slightly higher quality of machine translation output. We offer two levels of Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE):

Basic MTPE: the post editor works on the “raw” output from the machine translation engine with the sole task of ensuring that all content is translated. This is necessary because any given machine translation engine may output a text with omissions or untranslated words.

Light MTPE: as with Basic MTPE, the post editor ensures all content is translated. In addition, they invest further time to review and rewrite where necessary to provide basic accuracy and comprehension with limited presence of style.

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