Project management

A passionate team of language professionals seeing your project through to completion.

Our multilingual PMs are highly-experienced with a keen attention to detail. Before each project begins, they carefully check your source content for errors and inconsistencies, consulting with you to ensure the translation has the best possible starting point.

Our PMs are not afraid to ask questions! You can rely on us to be your extra pair of eyes.

Typical project setup work involves:

  • Assessment of source files
  • Document engineering
  • Pre-translation
  • Creation of client-specific translation memories
  • Collation of preferred terminology
  • Sourcing and supply of reference materials
  • Establishing style guides
  • Facilitating Q&A
  • Meticulous checking of completed translations for appropriate style, accuracy, meaning, clarity, consistency and of course spelling, grammar and punctuation

Our linguists and formatters work alongside a dedicated team of project managers who are all language graduates. Their depth of knowledge enables them to work confidently with a wide range of content types and technical documentation.

The role of the project manager is to coordinate our resources to deliver the maximum benefit for our clients.

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