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Extra confidence for your high-profile content. The Word Hub offers three revision services.

The Word Hub

Providing extra confidence in your translated content

Revision of translations is important, particularly when it comes to your high‑profile content. All of our translations, whether revised or not, are carried out by professional, experienced linguists who produce top‑quality work. Revising a translation simply gives you that extra peace of mind about the translation provided.

The Word Hub

We offer three service levels:

Second independent revision

As well as a single professional linguist translating, editing and proofreading their own work, second independent revision involves an additional linguist checking and amending the translation as necessary in terms of grammar, syntax, style and terminology, in order to make sure it is appropriate for the target audience. This service level ensures that your translated content complies with the ISO 17100:2015 Translation Standard, which states that translations must be revised by a second linguist.

XLIFF revision

To give you the opportunity to tweak our translations in order to fit with your company’s brand and message, we offer our XLIFF revision service. This involves sending the completed translation to you in bilingual format for your staff members who are native in the target language, or for your in‑country representatives, to revise as they wish. After all, no one knows your brand as well as you do!

Monolingual review

Should you have a stand‑alone piece of text (be it in English or another language) that you need to have reviewed, we offer a monolingual review service which involves a single professional mother‑tongue linguist reviewing the text, and amending grammatical, syntactical and stylistic elements as necessary to ensure accuracy. Unlike second independent revision or XLIFF revision, the linguist looks at the text in isolation without reference to a source text.

Although strongly recommended for high-profile content such as marketing copy, we can of course revise any content you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your content’s suitability for revision or to find out more about our revision services.

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