Multilingual DTP

Reflecting your company’s brand and style in any language with our DTP services.

The Word Hub

Multilingual Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

We know you’ve invested time to create the look and feel of your source material. You can be assured that the appearance of your publication is in safe hands at The Word Hub.

Our skilled DTP team will maintain, or even improve, the quality of your publications through their multilingual formatting work.

We format content presented in a wide range of softwares, creating publications for print and digital media. With the latest software and an archive of older software, we are able to ensure consistency and compatibility.

The Word Hub

Consistency and compatibility

Where the availability of source material is limited, we work with PDFs, scanned documents or even hardcopy. We’ve seen it all, so we have dedicated workflows for every scenario, meaning our formatters can make the most of whatever is presented to them.

We carefully review and transcribe relevant non-editable content within elements such as tables, diagrams, images, screenshots and warning signs, in readiness for translation.

Decals are a major part of our DTP work, presenting a particular challenge for both translators and formatters. We can work with your source files or create decals from scratch ready for label printing.

We format technical drawings, schematics and diagrams presented in various CAD softwares, involving intricate typesetting of translated content.

We revise and rebrand complete documentation packages, updating spare parts numbers and descriptions, enabling resale of equipment across global markets.

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