Terminology management

Your company’s specialised words and phrases are essential in communicating with your customers.

Terminology management
Terminology management

Specialised terminology is critical for SEO, enabling more potential customers to find you.

We locate and translate key terminology, enabling consistent use across all your content.

In addition to specialised technical terms, we also consider acronyms, synonyms, abbreviations, product names, brands, tag lines and slogans when analysing your terminology.

We develop glossaries to ensure our linguists have a full understanding of all relevant terminology, giving you the guarantee of an accurate translation.

Technology plays a major role in terminology management

Our tools enable us to quickly locate potential terms across large volumes of content, ready for evaluation. This allows us to standardise terminology in the source material, avoiding inconsistencies.

Once an agreed list of terms is finalised, we translate and then submit for in-country approval. We then create a termbase to store each term and its translation. Termbases are repositories containing source and target terms with information about their appropriate usage.

Sharing termbases with our linguists gives you the confidence that approved terms and their translation will be used in the correct context across all languages. This will ensure your customers have a clear understanding of your products or services.

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