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Subtitling & Voiceovers for University Marketing Campaigns

Feb - 2020

When a prestigious university approached us to create subtitles and record voiceovers for a series of marketing videos for their Spanish audience, we were ready for the challenge!

Upon setup, we were mindful that the subtitles and voiceover tracks were to run simultaneously in each video. This synchronisation of written and spoken word can be a challenge, and so it was essential that during translation our linguists considered the length of their translations to avoid creating issues for our voiceover talents. Lengthy subtitles might also have obscured the key messages and objectives.

Furthermore, for both the subtitles and voiceover tracks, we had to consider the volume of spoken or written text that a typical viewer can process whilst absorbing the other aspects of the video. It was also of importance that any key cultural references were aptly translated in a way that would be understandable for the Spanish speaking target audience.

Once translations were complete and approved by our client, the next step was to create the subtitles and record the voiceovers. For the subtitles, we had to consider how they would appear on-screen. This meant choosing the right colour, size, font and position. All of these were determined in consultation with the client to ensure they were happy with the final look and feel.

Selecting the most suitable voice talent was essential to the success of the project. However, describing how a voice sounds is highly subjective. We therefore sent our client a selection of voice samples from our talent pool, “enabling them to find voices” with the qualities they desired. 

The final step was to synchronise the subtitles, voiceover tracks and visuals to ensure that they worked in harmony. The final outcome was a series of Spanish marketing videos that communicated the source messages in a coherent and seamless manner.  Our client was delighted to use the videos to promote the University across multiple channels including YouTube and Twitter.

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