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Translation Workshops for Online Retailer

Feb - 2020

We worked with the online retailer AO (Appliances Online) to support the development of their online platform for The Netherlands market.

AO wanted to optimise their website content and product descriptions for translation to maximise the effectiveness of their backroom activities relating to logistics and e-commerce.

We ran two workshops for content creators on separate days: the first to convey the principals of translation memory, single-source authoring, modular content and version control.

Aims of workshop one:

  • Maximise consistency of source content
  • Encourage re-use of content
  • Increase speed and productivity of content creation
  • Speed up turnaround of content translation
  • Reduce costs of content creation and translation

The second workshop covered document creation and the translator environment to encourage the creation of correctly formatted content supported by suitable reference materials.

Aims of workshop two:

  • Convey an understanding of how to optimise documents for translation
  • Review of relevant formats, do’s and don’t
  • Convey an understanding of the translator environment
  • Sourcing of reference materials
  • Scheduling work, setting expectations

The outcomes were that:

  • Authors worked together to create agreed term lists and glossaries to assist our translators.
  • Greater returns from translation memory, shorter turnaround times and improved quality, due to improved authoring consistency, content reuse and deployment of approved terminology.

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