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Managing Decals for Materials Processing Equipment

Feb - 2020

We manage an extensive library of decal artwork and translations for a leading materials processing equipment manufacturer. Decals are critical to the safe operation and maintenance of equipment, making their careful handling paramount. All decals are meticulously catalogued and categorised to enable quick identification and retrieval for any given language combination. decal text represents a challenge and is notoriously difficult to translate, despite the small word volumes, due to its telegram style, abbreviation and lack of context. When translating decals we first transcribe the relevant text into an editable format whilst checking any ambiguous terminology and correcting errors to minimise later issues during translation. Completed translations are formatted back into the artwork, usually in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop before final proofing. By creating editable versions of the text, we are able to benefit from the use of translation memory, saving time and budget for our clients. We can also format decals from scratch, recreating artwork to a client brief ready for onward translation or print.

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