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Translating Harley Davidson’s Parts & Accessories Catalogue

Feb - 2020

Harley Davidson presented us with an 800-page brochure for translation into French, German, Spanish and Italian with just an eight-week deadline.

The content, 325,000 words of American English, was both technical and stylised. Additionally, it was to be used as a key sales tool for the world renowned brand, so it was essential that time was taken to add flair and creativity to the text.

We started by localising the US English content for the European market in terms of spelling, style and terminology before translation commenced.

We then created an extensive glossary of technical terms, which was discussed with and confirmed by the client, before handing it to our four teams of translators, each containing a designated linguist responsible for coordinating terminology and style.

Our teams also took full advantage of translation memory to achieve the tight deadline and consistency.

We delivered the translated content piecemeal to enable client review and feedback before final publication to web and print, ready for sales teams to drive the success of the brand across Europe.

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