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In-country Reviews: Terminology Management & Style Guides

Feb - 2020

Our client, a rapidly growing manufacturer of washing and recycling equipment, had just authored a challenging mix of technical and marketing content, which required translation into multiple languages.

Following translation, our client wanted to review our work themselves. So, working closely with their marketing team, we developed a review process involving direct contact between translators and in-country staff in order to develop style guides and agree on terminology. The collaborative effort gave each party an insight into the other’s role. This helped to foster a strong working relationship. Translators were able to help reviewers maintain accuracy of meaning, whilst reviewers could suggest to translators their preferred market and territory-specific terminology.

Despite the source format being Adobe InDesign, we made sure that the review process was automated and easily accessible to all. In addition to style guides and terminology, our translators were always able to use translation memory software, allowing consistency and time savings.

Repeating the process on each subsequent project enabled us to capture a growing database of preferred terminology, shortening the cycle of review.

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