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15th Anniversary of The Word Hub

Jun - 2022 | Written by Darren Verdi-Ashton

The Word Hub is celebrating 15 years in business! We incorporated on 19th June 2007 and have enjoyed serving our wonderful clients by doing what we love: translation!

“working fairly and transparently with our clients”

We set out to help our customers realise the full potential of their products and services worldwide. From the start we have upheld our values of working fairly and transparently with our clients and suppliers. We enjoy engagement and are curious about the content we receive, taking every care to deliver the highest quality and service.

“success year on year”

Despite headlines talking of AI, deep learning and MT destroying the translation industry, we know our customers value engagement and human interaction. The Word Hub has seen success year on year and is in a great position to support the UK and its companies as we look to trade with the world as part of the government’s Global Britain ambition.

“there are officially no silly questions”

This achievement has only been possible thanks to The Word Hub staff, with whom many readers will have already been in contact. Their approachable manner is not just reserved for our clients! Respect and tolerance play an important role in our attitude at The Word Hub. Our culture is collaborative and friendly with the view that there are officially no silly questions. We believe in continual improvement and self-development. So, the company would like to thank its team for all they do!

“Thank you, Brum”

Our current project managers have all received qualifications from institutions in Birmingham, home to The Word Hub. We are grateful to be based in such a brilliant city brimming with talent: a city that has helped to train our excellent PMs. Thank you, Brum, for your support these 15 years!

“another exciting year”

We now look forward to another exciting year. With our new website online, ISO certifications, expos back in the diary and key industries ramping back up after the last two years, The Word Hub is set to help our clients reach their customers wherever they are in the world and whichever language they speak.

Happy 15th Birthday to us!

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