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Translation Technology

Human translations supported by the latest technologies

You would expect us to be using the latest technologies for translation, and we do. We are partners with the market leading manufacturer of translation software. This enables us to work with new technologies as they emerge, giving you confidence that our work is state of the art. We meet the increasing demand for localisation of global content through continual investment in the latest technologies combined with the best people and processes.

The latest translation tools enable greater leverage of translation assets across all channels and processes offering you better global communications, shorter time to market and greater value.

We work with SDL Trados Studio 2014, the market leading translation software platform offering numerous advantages, such as:

Centralized Translation Memories

Offering maximum leverage and consistency across each language combination.

Context Matching

Generating accurate contextually appropriate translations at a fraction of the cost.


Terminology management technology providing one central location to store and manage preferred multilingual terminology for deployment across all channels, enabling total consistency.

Powerful filtering

Handling most file types to capture all of your content for future leverage.

Machine translation

Intelligent machine translation (MT) memories customized from existing translation memory assets enable pretranslation ready for human post-editing. MT dramatically boosts daily output and maintains quality.


Creating translation memories from previously translated content to offer additional opportunities for leverage.

Automated bilingual review

Generation of simple bilingual Microsoft Word documents for client review. These can be used to update translation memories and output final target documents in the original native software without awkward manual steps.

We also use OCR

Use of sophisticated optical character recognition enables us to generate editable documents ready for translation from otherwise unusable documents. This provides more content available for translation memories and future leverage.

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