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Quality Assurance

Passionate, dedicated and committed. We deliver quality in everything we do.

We know that the accuracy of our work is critical to safety and commercial success. We place quality at the centre of all we do and take immense pride in our work.

Our Quality Management System conforms to the internationally recognised quality standard ISO 9001:2008. We have documented processes for every aspect of the business from project inception to delivery, and work procedures for all key stages in between. These are continually reviewed and refined to improve the quality and value we provide to our clients.

The semantics, grammar and style of our translations will be at least as good as the source material we are provided with, and will often represent a tangible improvement as a result of the combined skill and attention of our translators, editors and proofreaders.

Quality assurance is supported by the best people, processes and best technologies available today, including:

Native Mother-Tongue Translation

Our translators translate only in to their mother-tongue, working in their country of origin and exclusively with subject matter that they are experienced within.


our processes and workflows are defined and documented within our ISO quality system. They are monitored, audited and in a constant cycle of continuous improvement and development.

Project Management

An experienced multilingual team of project managers working to defined standards.

Editing and Proofreading

Translations are reviewed by a second translator who will scrutinise and edit the original translation.

Terminology Management

By creating and deploying terminology databases we can control your company's key terms. We ensure that your translated texts consistently carry the latest preferred terminology.

Bilingual Review

We provide the perfect environment for everyone involved in the review process. Presenting content as source and target in a simple bilingual format, reviewers can work comfortably, quickly and accurately before final checking by a translator.

Memory Management

We keep our centralised translation memories up-to-date so that your translated text is always consistent, and leverage maximised to continually deliver value.

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We are corporate members of the ITI (Institute of Translation & Interpreting)
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